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Councillors' Allowances and Expenses

How are the allowance levels decided?

In response to government legislation and in common with all local authorities, Mid Sussex has established an Independent Remuneration Panel that looks at the responsibilities of Councillors and recommends the level of allowances it believes Councillors should receive.

 Allowance  Payable to  Amount
 Basic allowance  All 54 Councillors of Mid Sussex District Council  £4,878
 Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA)  Councillors who take on  additional responsibilities  Variable (see below)

Note: Councillors may hold more than one role that qualifies, but are only eligible to receive one special responsibility allowance, with the exception of Group Leader allowances.

How much has each Councillor received?

Allowances and expenses received by each Mid Sussex District Councillor are since 2016 published in the Summer edition of our quarterly magazine Mid Sussex Matters each year. Previously this information was published in the Winter edition.

Who gets a Special Responsibility Allowance?  

A Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) is paid to the following Councillors to reflect their special responsibilities over and above their role as ward councillor: 

Role Allowance
Leader of the Council £20,596
Deputy Leader of the Council £11,000
Cabinet Member £8,500
Chairman of the Council £6,572
Vice-Chairman of the Council £2,251
Scrutiny Committee Chairman £3,902
Scrutiny Committee Vice-Chairman £976
Planning Committee Chairman  £4,878
Planning Committee Vice- Chairman £1,220
Standards Committee Chairman £475
Audit Committee Chairman £2,000
Licensing Committee Chairman £475
Political Group Leaders £250 per group member
Independent members of the Standards Committee (non-Councillors)  £713

How are the recommendations of the Independent Remuneration Panel considered?

The Independent Remuneration Panel's recommendations are brought before a meeting of the full Council. Previous Council meetings at which the independent panel's report was considered are set out below: 

 Report for 2014/15  Minutes of Council 6th November 2013 (item No. 51)
 Report for 2013/14  Minutes of Council 19th December 2012 (item No. 83) 
 Report for 2012/13  Minutes of Council 14th December 2011 (item No.78)
 Report for 2011/12  Minutes of Council 15th December 2010 (item No. 81)
 Report for 2010/11  Minutes of Council 18th November 2009 (item No. 69)
 Report for 2009/10  Minutes of Council 10th December 2008 (item No. 94)

Further information about the Council's allowances scheme is set out in Section 6 of the Constitution.

Councillors can submit claims for their expenses by clicking here.
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